Secret to a beautiful stairway? Lets talk about these 5 tips and tricks to add that little avoided space some glam!

People usually tend to ignore that little wall or that landing right next to your stairs. Why? Well, usually when it comes to decorating your homes, it is not so much into focus. So, if your stairways are lead through the front door or are even anywhere inside your home these ideas are definetely meant for you.


 If you’re a fan of minimal décor just like me, this is just for you. A textured vase/ planter at the corner with a mirror on the wall will add just the right touch without making it look cluttered and will help calm your senses. Choice of color or pattern can vary from person to person but neutrals are always good to go!


Are you fond of lighting and well-lighted places? Well, why leave this pretty corner behind.. It is always a good buy if you’ve bought lamps. Light up the space with beautiful lamps and lights. Options that you can possibly explore here vary from pendant lamps to wall sconces or traditional lanterns if space provides.


 “I have enough art” – said no one ever. If you’re an art enthusiast, you can place some of your findings from the fair at the stairwall for people to admire as well. There will be an extra added space for your stuff and you can look at it whenever you want instead of hiding it in your trunk.


YES. You read that right. Now you have another gorgeous space to show off your pieces or maybe just organize the space in a better way. You can always get that little cabinet or open space built according to your requirements and voila.. its done!


Last but not the least, the picture story. What’s better than telling the tale of your family via pictures or showing off your graduation degree or the birthday party that was a blast. Get it framed and put it on that wall. You can color coordinate the pictures or create a unique framing style or mix-match different frames or even hang them symmetrically / asymmetrically.

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