indian textiles

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    Tea towel is basically a dining room doppelgänger of the cloth napkin. Tea towels are best used in serving bed-teas or for the elegant breakfast in bed. They can be used at the surface to prevent staining of bed linen or can be used as a napkin to prevent staining…

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    The beauty of handmade things is extraordinary. Therefore, we bring to you straight from the loom this beautifully made pattern using the ikat technique in stunning shade of purple. Subtle and surreal at the same time. The cover has an envelope style closure at the back in the same fabric.…

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    What’s better than 1-2-3? It’s a set of 5 multi-textured cushion covers.. We do the work for you, hence, combining the the perfect pieces curated especially for you so that you don’t have to worry. This set includes 3 pieces of solidplain red cushion covers and 2 pieces of marron-red…

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    Yellow brown cushion covers perfect for pairing with your Solids. Looks best as accent pillows, just adding an extra charm effortlessly!! Color : Yellow (mustard) & dark brown Dimensions : 12 x 12 inches Fabric : Cotton Closure : Back (envelope style)   NOTE : This order will contain 1…