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    What’s better than one? Definitely two! Included in this set is a pair of oven mitts lined with multiple layers, these protect your lovely hands while you make the delicious cakes & cookies. This set includes 2 gloves. Dimensions : 12 x 7 inches Color : Blue Fabric : Cotton…

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    Setting up a table for 2 or for 6? Now get things done at your convenience. Letting you choose from a wide range of options in the combo sets of the beautiful table linen collection. Pair up, mix-match or go solo. Choice is yours. Dimensions : 11 x 15 inches…

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    Beautiful self-patterned pieces that compliment well any printed space/products. Pair them in contrast or let them stand alone, these are surely capable of wooing any space. Dimensions : 16 x 16 inches Fabric : Cotton Design : Checks self pattern Color : Mustard Yellow   Note : This order contains…