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    Love some fun DIY projects ? Create pretty spaces by adding these cute banners. These can be put up above your study table, in your kitchen, balcony, or even gallery walls. Made with 100% pure khadi fabric, the banners are strong and thick that provides then stability and an easy…

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    Plain banners to get your creative juices flowing & getting your spaces be more creative. Add more pieces to the kit if you wish to. This order contains : 1 Banner 1 Dowel Stick Thread Cord

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    Hand drawn Magnolia flower converted into a pattern, this design plays with rawness and achromatic color balance. The pattern is curated with horizontal flips of the motifs after being placed symmetrically with each other. Design : Original Copyright of Raha Homes Material : Cotton Quantity : 0.5 meter (50 cms)…

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    Pink Meadow derives its inspiration from the tropical theme. It has variety of hand-drawn leaves in a gorgeous color palette of most versatile colors – Pink, blue & yellow! This variety of colors also gives it various complimentary option of pairing.  Design : Original Copyright of Raha Homes Material :…

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    Been struggling to paint? Can’t figure out how to begin? Well, worry no more. Cause we got you ! This DIY kit contains: -2 small canvases (5 x 7 inches) -2 different brushes (round & flat) -1 waste cloth (everything’s important) -6 acrylic paint colors   And a detailed PDF…

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    What’s better than 1? Well, it’s definitely 2!! From the kit, you can make 2 beautiful pieces (even 3, if you use wisely 😉 ) This kit contains : 1 Hoop (5″) 1 Dowel stick a ball of white wool 8 colored skeins & 1 white Thread to hang

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    Adding Christmas joy to your decor has never been easier. Get this snowflake banner & hang it anywhere. Best part is it can be used with multiple banners or just this alone! This order contains : 1 Printed Banner 1 Dowel Stick Thread Cord

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    Wildflower is one of my favorite prints so far. The sophisticated color palette, the surreal motif and exquisite background is what makes me so stunned.  I love the symmetry, simple yet fuller style of this print. Design : Original Copyright of Raha Homes Material : Cotton Quantity : 0.5 meter…