You’re probably making these mistakes that makes your room feel dull and small? There are few things that you can avoid and make your room bigger and better. Now that’s a makeover you wanna have.

The dos and don’ts to make your room look bigger and bright:

  • The bright side

The lighter the brighter. Avoid picking dark and dull shades on all your walls. If you need to have an accent wall, paint all the rest walls in white or neutrals. Even the wardrobes! White helps in reflecting light, hence the room will look brighter.

Try to keep everything in contrast or same family. Don’t go overboard with colors. You can pick colored accent walls or minimal design wallpapers for a single wall. Just ONE. For accent walls, the trending colors are navy blue, burgundy & sage green. Keep all the other walls in neutral tones of the same family or just super white!

  • Minimalism goes a long way

Key to having a small room look bigger is to avoid any extra accessory in the room. Storage issues? Shift everything in the bed box or inside the closet. Keep off the floor! Opt for multi-purpose décor like tables that turn into wall décor when not in use or mirror cum wardrobe. Try to utilize single corner for multiple purposes.

  • Floating shelves

If you want to have some décor and art or even plants for that matter in your room, add floating shelves in a pattern, maybe above the bed or on a particular wall or even on the corners. That’ll accessorize your room and occupy less space. Main idea is to create more impact by occupying minimal space and this can be achieved by creating excess walking area.

  • Reflection on point

Add a point of reflection to amplify the look of the room. If you’ve got a dresser in your room, add mirror above the bed. That’ll help in producing extra light all over. But, don’t do too much with the mirrors. Use your sense and plan accordingly! You can add mirror in your gallery wall, that’ll make it look complete & you’ll have your purpose resolved.

The main issue is doing too much at the same time. DON’T DO IT. Don’t do too many colors. Don’t do too many hardware. Don’t do too many accessories. Try to stick with basics with a little touch of you. And see how everything falls into place.

Let me know if any of it was helpful and what else would you want me to share?

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