Hey there! It’s been a week and you’re out of all the fun possibilities?

Well, here’s a list of things  (60 THINGS!) that you could do during a lockdown. Take a seat & start reading! Also don’t forget to sanitize 😉

(NOTE : This is set in alphabetic order with no other reason whatsoever)

  1. Arrange your dresser. (Skin care & makeup)
  2. Arrange things in a particular order based on color or design, or size. (Books, bottles, crockery etc)
  3. Appreciate someone for something
  4. Be a helper. Help your mum/spouse with household chores.
  5. Create a Pinterest board for things you like.
  6. Clean your makeup brushes
  7. Clean/dust areas in your home that aren’t cleaned on a regular basis. For example- back of the fridge, or behind the bed.
  8. Clean/de-clutter your phone of unwanted files/pictures
  9. Check in on one friend every day.
  10. Challenge yourself to master a yoga pose.
  11. Confess something to someone that you’ve been holding on for too long.
  12. Develop a new habit. Be it making your bed first thing in the morning or just consuming a lot of water.
  13. Donate to people in need.
  14. Do your laundry.
  15. Do a DIY with whatever you find at home. Bonus : Share online for people to try it.
  16. Dress up & go nowhere.
  17. Enjoy time with your family.
  18. Expired products belong in the trash so check everything with a shelf life for expiration. (Medicines, Spices, Condiments, lotions, even your lipsticks)
  19. Follow at least one person/page on social media that you can resonate with.
  20. Follow/share/support a small business online. Better, buy from them as this is a tough period for most of them!
  21. Focus on skin care. If you don’t have a skincare product, use the basic aloevera or mix besan and turmeric or whatever works for you.
  22. Get your creative juices flowing by learning how to Paint or craft.
  23. If you have a pet- teach/train him.
  24. Introduce your childhood games to your children.
  25. Join an online class of something you love.
  26. Keep yourself clean and your hands regularly sanitized.
  27. Listen to a podcast.
  28. Look for new music from a budding artist. Now is a good time to support them.
  29. Learn a new language
  30. Master a makeup look or recreate one from the red carpet.
  31. Manifest positivity in your life.
  32. Nail your craft. Be the best version of whatever you like!
  33. Organize your closet. Make this fun by color-coordinating it or sort by purpose/occasion.
  34. Oil your hair, or better ask your mum to do it.
  35. Organize your kitchen and your spices too.
  36. Play games to get your mind working.
  37. Practice meditation.
  38. Put on your headphones and dance your heart out.
  39. Quarantine cuisine- Cook & serve a gorgeous dinner for your beloved (best suited with candles).
  40. Read a book because knowledge is power.
  41. Start tracking your water intake. And you know what to do if it’s less than 2 liters per day.
  42. Serve a bowl to stray animals.
  43. Spare time to walk or exercise even for just 10 minutes. Your body will thank you!
  44. Start practicing gratitude once a day.
  45. Stop binging on junk food & start healthy eating.
  46. Start indoor gardening.
  47. Start a journal for things important to you.
  48. Try henna.
  49. Take a note of things that you could do as a side hustle/ business.
  50. Take a moment of self-reflection on your good and bad habits. Acknowledge and learn!
  51. Trim your nails & paint them in your favorite color.
  52. Try a new recipe (learn from Youtube)
  53. Unfollow people from your social life that no longer add value or are always critical.
  54. Update your CV and type a cover letter prototype in advance.
  55. Video Call someone you love.
  56. Vlog and start an online class or launch a tutorial if you’re a master of something. People are willing to learn a lot of things this time.
  57. Write down your goals for next one year.
  58. Write down things you’re proud of, your achievements over a period of time.
  59. Watch a movie & review it.
  60. Zone out once a week to relax.

Have anything else in mind to add to the list, well, we’re all ears! Write in the comments below or connect over Instagram to chat: _raha.studio_

x take care x

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