A gallery wall is a beautiful addition to any home. They can add so much depth and variety to make a room more interesting. There are infinite ways to jazz up a wall but before you do that, you’ll need some planning. Listed below are few basic steps that you need to follow before you jump on in building your irresistible gallery wall.

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Now that you’ve decided to work on a gallery wall, figure out a space that’ll work best for it. It could be above the couch in the living room or could be a place in your kitchen, could be an empty space in your bedroom or your balcony. Finding the place for gallery wall is an essential first step as every next step is based on that. Don’t try to fit in any place, let it stand out on its own.


After finding the right space, you need to work around the theme for the wall. For instance, kitchen will demand a different set of pieces for the gallery wall whereas living room will demand a different set of pieces.

As Shivani from the_usual_blahs says –

” Like your house, gallery walls are nothing but an extension to your personality. They can be eclectic & dynamic making them a focal point in the room or perhaps simple, subtle and minimalistic. I have experimented with mirrors, travel souvenirs, fabrics, wooden/metal pieces, coasters, bookmarks & other knick-knacks. I believe a good starting point to building one is identifying a common element or a binding factor which could easily be a color or a theme.”

Therefore you can work with themes like – Botanicals, abstract art pieces, travel finds, even pictures of the family. Make sure it has a common binding factor, like a color or a theme which also compliments your entire room.


Next after deciding the theme you need to figure out the arrangement of the possible frames. I’d suggest starting with the bold statement art piece and laying all the other artworks around complementing it. Make sure to keep equal distance between each frames. Minimum 2 inches is basic, depending on the size of the wall and the art pieces.

Arrangements can be symmetrical and asymmetrical depending on your style. Don’t stress too much, just try whatever looks best!


Now that everything is ready, lay all the pieces on the floor in the desired pattern. Once, satisfied with the pattern, pick any art sheet or newspaper and draft the outline of the pieces individually. Put them up on the wall with tape for easy placement of the frames so that everything is aligned.

Layouts can be easily found on Pinterest


The best part is that your gallery wall can evolve so much year after year. Don’t constraint yourself. Let it grow & go with the flow.

As said by Shailly from decorbyshailly –

” I love gallery walls because they’re the easiest way to infuse color & pattern into any space.I’d like to suggest don’t do the entire wall in one go. Take your time, collect art & different pieces and keep adding them to the wall. Also try to add your own art on the wall to give it a personal touch.”

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I hope this was of a little help to your new journey. Let us know, if you need guidance on anything else.

Take care and have a happy gallery wall 🙂

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